Many of my closest friends know that I am a huge hip hop fan and so when given an opportunity to go see a talented star in the hip hop scene, I just could not pass it up!  It was free and it was VIP!!!  I was in!!!  As I was getting ready I asked God for His spirit to be with me and guide as I point to the cross!!!  I have been to many concerts in my life and many hip hop shows but last night I had a sense of excitement and expectancy. 

We arrived at Warehouse Live and made our way to the front door and of course in VIP fashion we did not make a line, we got the royal treatment and didn't have to pay!   That was probably a first for me!  We walked into the smokey, crowded and stuffy room… there was a cloud of smoke that hit us and all I could smell was the beer and that dank!  It took about 10-15 seconds to adjust but after that, I was in my zone… I was there to share Jesus!!  Not by standing on a soap box and pushing my way into conversations but rather for God to guide me to the right person to witness to…  with my actions and not so much my words.  I met some people in the VIP section and as you can imagine 99% if not 100% worldly people that were drinking and even smoking heavy.  

The show started and I was so impressed with not just the extreme diversity of the crowd but also the age of this young man’s fan base.   Many young people under the age of 20!  Their enthusiasm and passion for music was incredible… they knew all the words and the hooks!  The MC controlled the crowd and was amazing, he communicated effectively that he was there to have fun with them but also that he cared about them and wanted to make sure that no one got hurt nor did anything stupid.  That was a FIRST for me!!!  I was blown away!!  Why?

Simple, here is this young rising start in the hip hop industry, super talented, an excellent MC and instead of using this opportunity to get more fans by saying buffoonery… he simply takes a moment to go out on a limb and use his “Platform” to share what is truly in his heart…  That he cares about his fans and wants the best for them.  He spoke about real issues that we face daily and concerns that most of us think about and probably lose sleep over… terrorism, the next president, the economy and their future… all of these were talked about from stage at a hip-hop concert. 

It was in that moment that I was introduced to a young man that is Muslim… he will remain nameless but lets just say that he happens to be connected to the music industry. (I didn't know this until afterwards)  This was my moment to use my platform.  While I was talking to him and commenting on the diverse crowd and the youth my son texted me an article.  It was an article of Pope Francis washing the feet of a young Muslim man and kissing his feet!!!  I may not agree with everything in the catholic church but this is something that I am all about!!!  I turned to the young Muslim man and showed him the article that had just been sent a few seconds before… as he read his face changed, he was moved!  He looked at me and said, “That’s what’s up!!”.  I looked at him and said look bruh just watch my actions cause I’m about action more than I am about words… when you ready man just ask… 

The truth is that it comes as no surprise that I find myself in these environments showing people the Cross, showing people Jesus!!  I have no apologies, I have no regrets and truth be told if you disagree with me just keep it to yourself cause I ain’t interested.  

This is why Jesus called on me!!!  Cause I don't care what the religious think.  I know myself and I know my worth and my actions speak louder than my words.  (Drake reference) 

Why?  It’s simple Logic!!!

If you don't love people like Jesus did, if you don't treat people like Jesus did, if you don't look like Jesus, if you don't smell like Jesus… Guess what?!?!?  

The logic is…  They don't want what you got!!!  

People want Jesus!!  They may not know it yet but if you believe in Jesus, imma keep it a hunna with you… you best ask yourself that question… Am I a witness to Him.  

Great preachers, Great theologians, Great intellectuals…  that you may be, or even consider yourself to be but remember if you don't look like, smell like Jesus… the truth is you ain’t bout that life. 

If you are reading this and you connect to this and want to see a world that is filled with Hope! Faith! and Love!  Well, all I ask sincerely ask is the following…  Come and hangout with us at our UNION Social and let me share a little of the vision of UNION Houston.  You just may find that you too want to be about that action too.  

People want Jesus!!  Let’s give it to them. 

Oh the name of the hip-hop artist, Logic. 

connecting people to God
Rodrigo Vargas
Lead Pastor
UNION Houston

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