I often think about my life before I knew Jesus.  They are not the best of memories and sometimes I feel like I may talk about them too much.  I don’t mean to brag about how bad I was or to make myself seem like a real G.  Nope!  I usually catch myself talking about it because I truly want people to grasp what Jesus did for me.  

So what was it that I felt before I met Jesus?  Well, I felt depressed, angry, desperate, anxious, hopeless, worn out with life and like I didn't belong.  I felt like I had no worth and my self-esteem was the lowest. At this dark place, I wanted to take my own life, it was a bottomless pit that tasted like hot sulphur.  It is really hard for me to even type those words and those moments of my life seem so distant.  

I usually catch myself talking about those things because I want people to know what HE did for me, who HE is in my life and How Jesus can change people’s lives with HIS LOVE!  I have a feeling that there many people that feel how I used to feel or at least share some of those sentiments. 

All those negative thoughts and feelings dissipate by the feeling of gratitude that I have not only for Jesus but also for those that “Made a Space” for me!  You see most of my life I felt like I didn't “Belong”, like I wasn't supposed to be here, like I was rejected and like I was not good enough. Jesus changed that.  He taught me and reiterates to me daily that I do “Belong”, I feel the need to embrace my past, share it and then let people know that they too “Belong” to his family! (Romans 8:1-2 NLT which happens to be today's daily verse) Nothing gives me more pleasure than to let someone who is feeling down know that they are loved. 

That starts with us and should be shared in everything we do.  It is why God has employed me to be Lead Pastor of UNION Houston and create a space for people to feel like they “Belong”.  I am convinced that the moment I felt that I “Belonged” to Him was the moment that I connected to God.  

UNION Houston is launching in September because we believe in connecting people to God.  We believe in making a space for people to feel like they “Belong” and not be judged, criticized, marginalized, alienated but rather feel like they have a support system that will walk with them through life and help them connect to the living God and have their lives changed forever.  

Since announcing our intentions to launch we have had a dramatic response to our message which is JesusGod has blown us away by a number of people, support and resources He has provided.  There is a great buzz within our SQUAD and Saturday night God blew us away by bringing 101 people together under one roof to share the vision God has given us as a church. 

We look forward to creating this Space for those looking to “Belong”.  So if you want to connect with us and come out to our next few events be sure to visit us on www.unionhouston.com and let us know how you want to get plugged in.  

Our very first Newsletter went out to our mailing list with the latest successes on Making a Space for people to connect to God.  If you are not on it yet, be sure to go to www.unionhouston.com

connecting people to God, 
Rodrigo Vargas
Lead Pastor
UNION Houston

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