It’s 3:17 am and I am wide awake. I toss. I turn. My legs, restless. My eyes are open wide. I force myself to shut them. But I can’t! 

I get up and walk around. I go to the bathroom. I drink water… nothing changes. Thoughts are racing… I am tired but I cannot sleep… "What is going on???" I asked myself... 

So I pray, “Jesus!!!  I AM OVERWHELMED!!!!” 

I pray to the point that I have lost track of time. It is in these quiet and still moments that I listen carefully...  A memory popped up; of Rodrigo circa 2007… I was isolated, marginalized, ridiculed, abandoned and hopeless. LOST!!! 

Jesus was not revealing to me of my past brokenness but something deeper...  He was REVEALING to me the reason for feeling overwhelmed. 

I have had... Late nights. Early mornings. Sleepless nights. Fourteen hour days. Since November with this feeling... Ever since I preached FREE BARABBAS. 

What overwhelms me?  What consumes my thoughts?  What does my spirit crave the most?  "What is it?"  You might be wondering…

At 4:00 am, he said to me you have to go back to your first LOVE

You see what Jesus has put on my heart and what has me overwhelmed, is an irresistible, unstoppable and incomprehensible fire to reach THE LOST! — Those people that are far from God. — The 53% of the population experts say will never hear about Jesus and The Gospel.  Those beautiful people may not know that they were created, that they have a purpose and are meant to make a difference in this dark world.  Look, you may be one of those people or you may know someone like that if that’s the case… I GOT YOU!!!

I am overwhelmed to the point of tears… weeping and surrendering.   This burden; is a righteous burden.  I accept it!  I embrace it! 

It is because Jesus is Everything in my life that what I am feeling is what he feels.  He never stops reaching his people, he never stops loving unconditionally and he always serves without demanding anything back. 

I opened my bible and Jesus takes me to The Book of Luke chapter 17, verses 10-19.  We see an amazing account of Jesus’ love for people.  Lepers were isolated, marginalized, ridiculed, abandoned and hopeless people. Outcasts. Worthless. Detriment to society.  They were not allowed to go to the temple. They were far from God.  No one, absolutely NO ONE wanted to get near them.  They saw Jesus and cried out “Master, have mercy on us!”. They were immediately healed.  Can I tell you that when you cry out to Jesus like that in complete humility and surrender he answers!

The lepers then go to the temple to show that they are healed so that they might be let back into their community.  Jesus reached, loved and served these people with no strings attached.  

Wanna know the astonishing part? Look at verses 15-16

Out of the ten lepers, only one....  just one came back… Praising God!  Only ONE came back to Jesus. Thanked Him. Worshipped Him!  Now I must warn you if you find yourself thinking about the 9 the lepers and the thought of how ungrateful they were you might have missed the point and what Jesus wants us to know.  

First of we are often like the 9 other men… we simply are ungrateful but I am talking about verse 16.  This man comes and falls at Jesus' feet… thanks, Him.  Simply reading this verse brought me not just to tears but to uncontrollable crying.  This man that came back was not only a leper and was healed but HE WAS A SAMARITAN!  — Samaritans were people very far from God. Ridiculed. Hated. Misunderstood. Marginalized. And to top it all off, he was a leper. HOPELESS!!!  That was me! IN 2007 that was ME!!! Why am I crying so much? Because… Jesus revealed to me that he came from Heaven, holding freedom, he lived, he suffered more we can ever imagine or experience AND he died… for THAT MAN!  

He came for the 1!!!!!  He literally has left the 99 for the 1!!!  Read Luke 15:1-7

This is why I am overwhelmed. The reason I weep.  I want to make it public, very public…  I have never forgotten about this… I have never abandoned it but I was distracted and not focus.  NO MORE!!! NO MAS!!! THAT’S IT!!! 

I exist to reach The Lost.  People that do not know God.  People that have been isolated, marginalized, ridiculed, abandoned and hopeless! This is the reason I was called to Pastor, to preach The Gospel. It is why I was called to lead UNION HOUSTON.  It is what CONNECTING PEOPLE TO GOD is all about! 

My time. My money. My talents. Will be poured out to reach the ONE!  Because JESUS IS EVERYTHING! 

My speech, my actions, my prayers all dedicated to reaching the LOST.   

My prayer is that you join me.  Or simply visit us at UNION HOUSTON. 2800 Antoine at 10 AM on Sundays!  Listen you can also contact me here as well. 

I hope you take a moment and reflect…  really reflect…  ask yourself: “Am I praying for the lost?, Do I serve to reach the lost? Is why I give and what I give to reach the lost?”  If we don’t take these questions as a reflection point, could it be that we are like the 9? 

I am convicted that when Jesus is Everything in our life, our hearts will break for what breaks His. 

This Easter we are going to reach the most amount of people in our young history.  Would you pray with me and believe that we will see record-breaking salvations come April 1st! 

I love you and I looked forward to celebrating all God does through us.