it was all a dream...

It was a life-giving church that changed the way I saw church and helped restore my relationship with Jesus.  It was a life-giving church that empowered me to be a leader and a pastor. 

Being in Houston for many years, Sara and I have fallen in love with this great city. After years of battling addiction, I had an encounter with Jesus that changed my life forever. As I grew in my relationship with God, I started getting involved in ministry and became youth pastor for a local church. During this time as youth pastor I was inspired by a dream of creating a place in the city of Houston. 

Sara and I opened up our home on Tuesday nights where friends and family started to gather and grew into a community. Out of this community a group of families connected with the dream and we are now preparing to bring this place to life. UNION Houston will be a place for all people. A place where all people matter.

UNION Houston is a church community committed to the message of Jesus.  The message of Hope, Faith and Love.  UNION Houston is a diverse community committed to bring about life change by connecting people to God.

UNION Houston is for all people, regardless of your past, your doubts, or struggles.  Whatever your story may be, you are welcome to come and actively engage in our community, and help bring to life our mission of city outreach.

Our values of Love, Hope, and Faith will allow us to Restore a city with Hope, Influence a culture with Faith and Change lives with Love!!! 

The City of Houston is now one of the most ethnically diverse metro area in the country, surpassing New York City.

Along with this beautiful diverse city come some serious complications.  These complications affect our lives and our city more than we would like to admit…  POVERTY… HOMELESSNESS… BROKEN FAMILIES… ADDCITION… HUMAN TRAFFICKING…

Jesus is the solution and we are the change we want to see.  Our message is Jesus.  Our goal is change.